Local 627 is a mixed Local, Stationary, Hoisting and Portable, and Pipeline.  Local 627 maintains two Union Halls:  District I in Tulsa and District II in Oklahoma City.  The Local also has two Training Sites, Oklahoma City Area, and Tulsa Area.  They also have their own Health and Welfare Fund that is second to none.

Local 627 has had state jurisdiction (Hoisting and Portable) since 1917 when they received their First Charter.  They merged with Local 948, a Stationary Local, in 1979 to form 627, 627A, 627B, 627C, and 627D.

That is where Local 627 stands today, Proud, and Strong and Economically Secure.  Business Manager, Michael Stark , their officers, and staff are committed to making Local 627 a Leader in the Labor Movement.

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